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Compare demographics in multiple regions to find the right area for your business. Available for all industries.


Available for all industries

One hour interactive session in the Locate™ Platform

Locate Specialist will guide and answer questions

Compare multiple regions or areas

Search by mile radius, minute drive time, or custom polygons

Filter by Population and Average Household Income

Research Practitioner Competition Ratios*

Results based on Census Block Group Technology

 *Competition ratios are available for Dental Industry only at this time.

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After purchase, your Locate Specialist will be in touch within one to two business days to schedule your appointment.

Your session will take place in a screensharing program, no download required. You will need access to a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet connection.

Your Specialist will provide additional connection instructions when scheduling your appointment.

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How it works

Prep your List

Compile a list of regions or areas you want to explore during your one-hour session to find your ideal Population and Average Household Income.

On the Platform

Take notes, ask questions, make changes to the search areas, and more while your Locate Specialist guides you through your selected regions.

Results in Hand

With a replay delivered to your inbox, use your new information to scout out potential locations within your desired market area. Location made easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prepare for my live session?

Compile a list of regions or areas you’d like to explore during your live session to find a potential market with your ideal Population, Average Household Income, and Practitioner Competition Ratios (when applicable).

Your session will take place via Teams or Zoom. 

Can I receive a recording of my session?

Yes, you can request a replay link within 24 hours of your session that will remain accessible for 90 days. 

Are competition ratios included?

Yes, Practitioner Competition Ratios are available for the Dental Industry. 

What demographics factors are included?

Demographic factors include Total Population and Average Household Income.

Where does the demographic data come from?

We obtain demographic data from a top 3rd party Demographic company that takes the raw census information, annual updates, and forecasts then packages it into a format that companies can utilize.  It is the same data used by everyone in the USA.

What is a Realratio?

A Realratio is a proprietary competition ratio standard for each practice type that indicates the point where Locate considers a market to be saturated. Competition ratios are calculated by dividing total population (numerator) to practitioners (denominator). Locate compares the actual ratio for a given market to the Realratio to measure the degree of market saturation. For example, the Realratio for a General Dentist is 2,000. An actual ratio higher than 2,000 would generally indicate the market has potential for an additional practitioner(s). A ratio below 2,000 indicates the area is oversaturated and strategic plans should be carefully evaluated. 

What is the turnaround time?

After purchase, your Locate Specialist will be in touch within one to two business days to schedule your appointment. The scheduling of the session varies based on the availability of the participants.