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Evaluate current and forecasted demographics surrounding a specific address. Available for all industries. 


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Available for all industries

Evaluate a specific location or address

19 Current Demographic Factors 

Five-Year Forecasted Demographic Factors

Search by mile radius, minute drive time, or custom polygons

Results based on Census Block Group Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free sample studies?

Yes. Click here to download a free sample of the Location Demographics study here.

What are the best search parameters?

The best search parameters for your results will depend on if your location is rural, suburban, or urban. Major highways, bodies of water, and railroads may also affect your search parameters. We highly recommend scheduling a free consultation with a Specialist who will provide recommended guidelines based on your situation. Contact us today. 

Why do I need two Search Area Methods?

Two sets of Search Area Parameters are needed to get two sets of data for that Market.

We recommend the first parameter to reflect the market close to the base location - for example, a 3-mile radius for a typical suburban area.

The second parameter should approximate the overall market - for example, a 15-minute drive time. For either set, choose radius, drive time or custom polygon.

Custom polygons are hand-drawn to eliminate nonapplicable results due to noncompete restrictions, state lines, geographic factors, highways, natural boundaries, bodies of water, etc.

If you are unsure of the best search parameters for your situation, give us a call. It's free. 

What demographics factors are included?

Demographic data includes:

  • Total Population
  • Population by Age Range
  • Population Change by Age Range
  • Average Per Capita Income
  • Average Household Income
  • Households by Income Brackets
  • Households Change by Income Brackets
  • Average Household Size
  • Total Households
  • Total Families
  • Average Family Size
  • Housing Units Breakdown
  • Total Housing Units Change
  • Average Value of Owner-Occupied Units
  • Population by Ethnicity
  • Total Number of Businesses
  • Total Number of Employees
  • Total Sales
  • Retail Data

Where does the demographic data come from?

We obtain demographic data from a top 3rd party Demographic company that takes the raw census information, annual updates, and forecasts then packages it into a format that companies can utilize.  It is the same data used by everyone in the USA.

What is the turnaround time?

We strive to deliver your report within two to three business days.

Delivery time may vary based on the complexity of the order, the density of the report location, the inclusion of premium services, and many other factors.

Expedited delivery is available. Please consult with your specialist to make arrangements.

Your PDF results will be emailed to the address associated with your order when complete.