Start Up Uncensored: Interview with David James, founder and CEO of Locate Strategy (formerly Realscore)

Oct 23, 2020

Most people drive around town choosing a random location hoping it will make them millions.

Don’t be like other people.
Don’t leave your success up to chance.
Don’t rely on “what feels right” or what intersection “looks busy.”

Find the best location for your new practice using Realscore’s Dental Demographics and Competition Ratio Reports and Studies.

Be confident in your practice location!

THE TRUTH ABOUT #DEMOGRAPHICS (Hint, that’s just one piece of Location Strategy)

Watch our discussion with David James, Founder and CEO of Realscore, to learn
the #truth about what you need to know about Location Strategy. In this episode, we cover:

• What the heck is a Location Strategy, and how it affects the legacy you leave.
• Discover the 5-Step Location Search Process.
• How your Location fits into your Big Business picture.
• Why NOT to base your search on Zip Codes.

And more!

Watch Now:

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