Custom Development with Locate™

Use the Locate Platform to create customized solutions that integrate demographic and external data.

The Locate Platform

The Locate Platform is designed for any company in any industry wanting to integrate demographic data with their own data for custom reporting, or desiring to use Locate’s API to pull demographic data into your system for:

Internal Business Decisions

Selling products that contain demographic data

Utilizing a cost-effective demographic data platform with precision reporting using Census Block Groups and cutting-edge features

    Custom Development Features


    •  Completely custom products tailored to your needs using Locate Platform
    • Integrate customer provided data (i.e. existing locations or competitive locations)
    • Demographic Options – pick and choose any or all of the 19 Demographic Factors to include (or any besides our 19 if in our licensed dataset)
    • Integrate Google API data
    • Offer SaaS Capability to you and/or your Customers
    • Self Service – Output report from Platform and email directly to customer  in Excel or PDF
    • Integration with Locate Store or your Store
    • Robust Product/Permission Capability
    • Dynamic Menu / Navigation
    • Standard Geographies – CBSA, DMA, County, State, Zip
    • Enhanced Map Views / Demographic Overlays
    • API Ready

    Tech the giants use

    Now available to everyone

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    “Burkhart is excited to have entered into a referral relationship with Locate. Burkhart’s approach since 1888 has been one focused on integrity, knowledge, and client success. We feel confident that the demographic data and competition ratios that Realscore provides our clients will arm doctors with the knowledge they need to enhance their business success and growth.”