Our Method

5 Steps to strategic location solutions

Search Locations Strategically

Let us save you time. Don’t drive around and pick a location because it looks busy; the data will rarely support your decision. We can assure you, from years of experience, that this is a huge waste of time and money for you and your brokers, consultants, or partners.

OUR SIMPLE 5-sTEP PROCESS will help you FIND THE most promising prospects fOR A PRACTICE LOCATION

*Pro Tip:  If you know the general area you would like to research, skip to Step #2
+Pro Tip:  We start with Competition Ratios, because you may have a location with great demographics, but if the market is saturated, it will be difficult to grow even with great demographics.
^Pro Tip:  Take a day if you can to drive around, research, just get a feel if the area makes sense for you. We suggest this to avoid doing a deep dive into demographics for areas that just don’t fit.
~Pro Tip:  We only provide CBG’s with the best ratios that have household incomes higher than your ideal patient threshold.

Pro Tip:  Most people start with Step #5 and go backwards. Don’t be like most people.

It’s common to have a quick initial chat to ensure the best product and search parameters for your unique situation and goals. Contact us today.

The Locate Platform is our proprietary WebApp that brings all of the above features together. To see it in action, go to Demo or contact us.