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Locate Strategy (Locate™) was established in 2009; formerly known as Realscore.

David James, CPA

Hello, I’m David James, Founder and CEO.

Welcome to our site!  Please take a moment to hear our story.

I’ve been a CPA for over 35 years with an extensive CFO and consulting background in many industries, including professional services and software.

In 2009, I learned that the dental industry did not have access to modern tools and data needed to make their most important decision – Location.

Realscore LLC (now dba Locate Strategy) was formed and in 2010 launched the first version of the Locate WebApp.  The same technology used by large companies was now affordable and available to dentists and the companies in the industry that serve them.  It incorporated Census Block Technology (instead of zip codes), interactive mapping, demographic data and practitioner databases to do two main things with the utmost in precision:

1. Study a market area to find the best “Pockets” with the best competition ratios coupled with the best demographics.  See “Market Study”.

2. Study a specific location and assess competition ratios and demographics – both for prospective practices and for existing practice market baselines.  See “Location Study”

Since its inception, Locate has performed thousands of Location and Market Studies across the USA, helping private and multi-site practice owners quickly and confidently make strategic location decisions.

For industry companies to succeed, individual practices must prosper, so we have partnered with industry professionals in the fields of startup consulting, management consulting, healthcare financing, healthcare service organizations, distributors, commercial brokers, CPAs, practice brokers and more.  For more information, see our Partner pages.

Because of my CFO background, I wanted a tool to help make CFO decisions.  I coined the phrase “Location Strategy” to cover the many strategic and operational aspects that location decisions touch in a Practice lifespan – not just the initial location decision, but what I call Strategic Moves – evaluating and deciding about adding an office, moving, expanding, adding an associate, lease decisions, buying a building, market evaluation and much more – all while saving months of  time, money, reducing risk and inspiring confidence in these  decisions.

A huge part of our mission is to help people and communities. We want to address the fact that dental services are the most underserved medical issue in the US. We strive to help communities with the data to attract dentists and prove to them that practices can thrive and achieve great practice values and legacies.

In 2023, we expanded the Locate Platform to enable custom software development of location and demographic solutions to any industry.

In March 2024, we expanded our Professional Practice services to include the Veterinary and Optometry industries.  In April 2024, we completed our goal of being able to serve nearly all professional practice markets when we launched location services for the Medical industry.

On behalf of our team of experienced industry experts and data analysts, we would be honored to help.  Please contact us for more information!

Location is the #1 factor that determines the success of any professional practice

Locate integrates location factors, practitioner and practice data, mapping and demographics into a world class online mapping and data Platform, providing competition and demographic data and consulting services to:

Private Practices

Healthcare Providers

Multi-site Practice Owners

Startup Consultants

Practice Management Consultants

Practice Brokers

Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Service Organizations


Brokerage Firms

Commercial Brokers


If you are a professional practitioner or part of any Company that provides products or services to practices, Locate Strategy will show you how YOU can increase revenues and profits

Locate™ is honored to provide its market-leading platform
to serve the Dental, Medical, Optometry and Veterinary industries.

Our business platform also provides Custom Integrated Demographic and Mapping Solutions for any industry.

Locate’s team of experienced data analysts ensure data integrity and provide actionable insights. We provide custom reports and consulting pre and post report analysis to support the decision-making process.

Locate™ emphasizes education – teaching and demonstrating how practitioners and their advisors can:
  • Incorporate location strategy into strategic and business plans.
  • How to find the best areas and hidden pockets.
  • Evaluate competition ratios.
  • Learn about demographic factors.
  • How to evaluate an established practice market.
  • Make confident lease decisions.

A service unique to the industry

Meet Our Team

Our experienced team with deep industry experience and knowledgeable data analysts provide an unmatched level of support and actionable insights at any stage of the Location Strategy process.

David James, CPa

David James, CPa

CEO, Founder

Rhonda Meyer

Rhonda Meyer

VP of Sales and Partnerships

Michael Platt

Michael Platt

VP of Sales and Partnerships

Dean Tomlinson

Dean Tomlinson

Director of Operations

Jolene Tobey

Jolene Tobey

Director of Location Analytics

 Melinda Alic

Melinda Alic

Director of Marketing

Locate™ is an independent, unbiased Location Strategy consulting firm helping practitioners, businesses, and communities to thrive. Established in 2009.