Location Solutions Made Easy

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Indisputable Fact:

Location is the #1 factor that determines the success of all professional practices


How can a Practitioner ensure they are making the best location strategy decisions?


Locate™ provides location studies using our 5-Step Process to simplify strategic business decisions

Maximize speed and confidence while minimizing risk and cost

Tools We Utilize
for location Strategy solutions:

Two Types of Studies

A Market Study of a regional search area to find the best “Pockets” with the highest competition ratios coupled with the top demographic factors. See Market Study.

A Location Study of a specific location or address to assess competition ratios and current and forecasted demographics. See Location Study.

Two Featured Data Types

We focus on Competition Ratios and Demographic Data including 19 variables of current data and 5-year forecasted data, updated annually.

Two ways to search

Customers choose two search areas utilizing radius, drive time or custom polygons.

Two types of visuals in Studies

Data tables with charts and graphs, and professional maps are included with each report.

industry experts

Our Team includes experienced data analysts and industry experts to help interpret reports and assist with next steps decisions.

The Locate Platform is our proprietary WebApp that brings all of the features together. To see it in action, go to Demo or contact us.

How We Do it…

The Locate Platform is our proprietary WebApp that brings all of the above features together. To see it in action, go to Demo or contact us.


All results are calculated using Census Block Group Technology (CBG) allowing for true market reflection and accuracy.  We do not use zip codes or concentric circles.


A 5-Step Process will lead you from an interest in an area to the selection of a location for your practice.


Our Competition Ratios are based on research at the Practitioner level.  Our proprietary Practitioner Management System allows us to ensure the best competition analysis in the industry.

How practices and industry Professionals can Benefit from Location Strategy Solutions

Fast Process

Save Time. Accelerate your business opening or deal closing by months. Find your location faster with greater certainty and reduced risk.

Cost to Value

Save money. Get the technology the giants use affordably. The typical cost is a small fraction of a standard small business’s annual revenue.

Precise Data

Our CBG Tech will calculate the competition and demographic data to bring you the most relevant and precise results.

Demonstrate Growth

Show investors, new associates, and potential partners your value. Build their confidence in their decision to join and invest in creating a legacy together.

Competitive Advantages

Evaluate strategic moves such as relocating, adding an office, buying or leasing a specific building, hiring an Associate for expanding, and much more.


Is your business stagnant? Wondering if it’s your market or your marketing that needs improvement? Avoid guesswork. Know where you stand.

Examples of Strategic Moves

A Practice encounters multiple location challenges in its lifespan that are critical to its legacy. Locate ™ comes alongside you to help.

Where to Start a Practice

Where to Buy a Practice

Should I Move/How Do I Move?

Where to Add an Office

Buy Office vs Lease

Finding New Markets

Should I Add an Associate?

Evaluate Lease Renewals

Where to look to Buy a Practice?

Get Current Practice Market Baseline

Practice Buy/Sell Due Diligence

Impact of Location on Practice Valuation

Patient Location and Dispersal Data

“I had no idea where to build or where to go. I called Locate™ was able to find the best location… a location I had no idea even existed. We’ve increased our collections 56% this past year!”